Meet Finger Lakes Farms, the people behind many of the thoughtful products we use here!

As they describe themselves:
"FingerLakes Farms, LLC is an Ithaca, NY based company focused on bringing you and your family great tasting, healthy, locally-produced food. While our company is less than two years old, our founders bring passion, a wealth of knowledge, and decades of experience to help bring you food and the knowledge about your food that you deserve.

FingerLakes Farms is a business we formed to provide locally produced food to consumers at a price that guarantees the farmer and producers a wage to continue farming and supporting their own families. We believe this business model provides that consumers can get to know more about the way their food is produced and feel comfortable in their food purchasing decisions."

It is clear that their passion for Thoughtful food is in total alignment with us here at Elizabeth's.  They are our number one go to source for great products!