We might have closed our doors, but the kitchen is still open! Come see how your favorite Brunch is alive and well at Gabriela's!


We might have closed our doors, but the kitchen is still open! Come see how your favorite Brunch is alive and well at Gabriela's!

Thank you Upper West Side, for an amazing 7 years.  We loved serving you our Thoughtful American Comfort Food and truly appreciate how you adopted us as your Neighborhood Table. Unfortunately, a combination of market conditions has forced us to close the doors on our little urban farmhouse.   While we had amazing brunch business and a solid lunch, our dinner service (while steady) never brought in the bustling crowds that are needed to survive in NYC. 

While we are heartbroken, we have no regrets.  We worked our buts off to provide an amazing experience that mirrors the way we eat at home.  Whole foods, organic sources, and knowing the farmer are all important to us as a family.  Our menu of simply cooked entrees, that highlight the amazing ingredients we sourced, was a great pride to us.  We enjoyed spending summer vacations with the kids, visiting the upstate farms and sharing them with you back here in the neighborhood.  We could have cut corners or skimped, but that’s just not us.  Every decision was made with you our guest in mind.  We are very proud of all we were able to accomplish and the amazing neighborhood following we generated.  Sadly, in the end there just weren’t enough of you.

But Fret not!   We couldn’t just let our amazing brunch and lunch business just slip away.  Fortunately our neighbor and sister restaurant Gabriela’s has stepped up to help us!  Gabriela’s Brunch has always been steady, but never as busy as what came to Elizabeth’s.  So in order to make the best use of our resources we have moved Elizabeth’s menu, staff, and even Elizabeth herself up over the fence!   Every day Elizabeth’s lunch menu will be available at Gabriela’s and on the weekends Elizabeth’s Brunch will rule the day!   Now the best of both worlds is at one table, our new two-sided menu will feature both cuisines!  We know that you secretly always wanted a frozen margarita with your eggs benny….  Now it can happen!  We also hope to continue with delivery service of Betty’s Burger bar throughout the eve.  Our famous Barn House Burger and Veggie Burger will live on!

As we look to the future we are very excited about keeping the best parts of Elizabeth’s Neighborhood Table going until we can find a more suitable location.  Please come by and see us this weekend.  We can't wait to share with you!

Thoughfully yours,

Elizabeth Milner





Elizabeth’s Neighborhood Table prides itself on thoughtful food and thoughtful service!  What does that mean to us?  It means that every ingredient and product in the restaurant is thoughtfully chosen to reflect its most natural state.  From our happy free roaming chickens and our pasture raised grass fed beef,  to our single sourced dairy and milk products, to the soap we provide in the bathrooms, Elizabeth monitors everything we purchase.   Everything is as local as we can find, as organic or farm fresh as we can get, and gently and humanly handled as possible!

Our thoughtful servers do their very best to provide a unique dining experience where our guests are center stage!  We try to anticipate your needs, answer your questions,  and make thoughtful suggestions.   Elizabeth is usually available to welcome and make you feel at home!    We are all about being thoughtful in all we do.   We take care of each other and we are pretty sure you will notice a difference!  Come join us for lunch, weekend brunch, or dinner at 93rd and Columbus and discover our cute and unique Urban Farmhouse. You’re in for a special treat!


Its our turn to take care of Mom!


Its our turn to take care of Mom!

Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table was made for Mothers Day!  The whole concept of honoring our mother, and honoring our mother earth, fit in perfectly with our Thoughtful Philosophies of Food and Service!  Mom is always there for us and now its time for us to take care of her!

From the very beginning she nourished us, and now it's our turn to surprise and delight her!  

Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table is working hard to make brunch and dinner extra special with a Thoughtful menu selection and special offerings. Please take a look and book your table before we fill up!

 Don't wait to the last minute to make your plans.  Available reservations will fill up quickly!


Mother’s Day Special’s


   Organic Kale Salad  17

Finger Lakes Farms grilled asparagus, finger Lakes Farms fresh strawberries, Homemade granola, raw red onions, fresh avocado, feta cheese crumble & tossed in Elizabeth's champagne dressing.   


Grilled Asparagus over Orwasher’s Seeded Toast 13

Orwasher’s seeded toast, with fresh ricotta cheese & scallion spread and Grilled Finger Lakes Farms Organic asparagus. 

Main Courses

Pan Seared 100% Grass-Fed Rib eye Steak   32

Served with Finger Lakes Farms Organic roasted asparagus, scalloped potato & homemade Elizabeth's Steak sauce  

Rib eye:  From Hudson Valley Farms. 100% grass feed, no corn finish, no antibiotics or appetite stimulants used. 

Honey Orange Glazed Pan Seared Organic Salmon   29

Served with Finger Lakes Farms Organic grilled asparagus & garlic mashed potato.

Salmon: sustainably-raised and independently certified, Low volume.

Pan Seared Plainville Farms Turkey Breast   27

Served over sweet potato mashed, Finger Lakes Farms steamed asparagus & turkey gravy.

Plainville Farms Turkeys. All natural raised on a vegetarian diet without animal by-products, antibiotics or hormones and gluten & casein free.

Elizabeth's Grilled Vegetable Layers   22

Finger Lakes farms roasted carrots, grilled portobello mushrooms, tofu, eggplant, red pepper, grilled asparagus and yellow & green squash. Served with Organic green rice.  

Betty’s Chicken Marsala over Fresh Fettuccini Pasta   26

Free-bird chicken breast, fresh bottom mushrooms, marsala wine sauce.          


Homemade Strawberry Short Cake 10

Finger Lakes Farms Local strawberries & Homemade whipped cream.

Mama Homemade Upside Down cake & Ronny Brook Vanilla Ice Cream   11



Welcome Spring! New beginnings abound!

Welcome Spring!

     Spring is the time of rebirth.  It’s when the snows melt, the crocus poke out, and the song birds return from their southern adventures.  Here at Elizabeth’s Neighborhood Table we are experiencing great change as well.  After a year of being under a construction shed, our Urban Farmhouse has finally emerged like a butterfly, taking its rightful place as an UWS landmark.  Finally our humble little home is on full view, and finally our porch and swing can take advantage of the great weather which is right around the corner.  Outdoor dining on the Upper West Side just got better!
    Our new menu also embraces this change of season.  Our winter stews and meats have moved to fish and fowl.  Our winter citrus migrates to spring shoots and leafy vegetables.  At the bar our dark and heavy spirits are refreshed with crisp and clean vodkas and gins. Our hot teas used to warm the soul are replaced with iced to cool us down on a hot day.  The spring chickens have come home to roost. There are lots of change afoot, our entire menu has been recrafted with wider price ranges in mind.
     We invite you this spring to come join us again as we celebrate rebirth and renew our commitment to the season.  Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table is the perfect place to come and escape your hectic world.  The Neighborhood has been coming in droves. Come see what you have been missing!


Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table has partnered with the Irish Arts Center!


Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table has partnered with the Irish Arts Center!

Elizabeth's is proud to announce our partnership with the Irish Arts Center!  We believe that our Irish heritage is much more than green beer.   In honor of St Patrick we have joined forces to sponsor our own version of St Paddy's day!  Including all the Food, Family and Music that make this day special.

We begin on March 11 at Symphony Space where The Irish Arts Center will be presenting the 6th Annual Celtic Appalachian Celebration.   Show your ticket before, or your stub after, and in thanks of your support receive  Free Irish Soda Bread and Tea with any meal.   We will be serving through out the month of March!

Additionally on St Paddy's day, Friday March 17th, stop by our outdoor cafe for #getlit. Between 12pm and 2pm the Irish Arts Center will be handing out FREE books of Irish Literature.  A wide variety of books by Irish authors will be provided.  Warm up with some tea and get cozy with your new read.  Drink something Novel this St. Paddy's day!  There are many ways to Get Lit on St Paddy's day but this by far is our favorite.    

Remember to  Stay for our special menu inspired by our own Nana O'Leary!  We will be celebrating with this menu throughout March,  so come once and come often!  Its only once a year, lets enjoy it while we can.

We are thrilled to support the Irish Arts Center on these projects to celebrate our common heritage!  We hope to take care of you soon!



A Thoughtful St. Patrick's Day at Elizabeth's!


A Thoughtful St. Patrick's Day at Elizabeth's!

      St. Patrick's Day is a very special day for us here at Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table.   While the history of St. Patrick is significant, we all know what the day now represents.  Well that's not the way Elizabeth grew up.   Elizabeth's family, The O'Leary's, still reside in Elizabeth's hometown outside of Boston, and are very involved in the community there.  To us St. Patrick's day is a day to remember our common history and celebrate our heritage.  It's a fun day when everyone is Irish!  While others may chose to celebrate in Irish pubs with green beer, the O'Leary's were always more about the food!  Elizabeth looked forward to the special items she only saw come out of Nana's kitchen  a few times a year.  The smell of the corned beef slow cooking on the stove, the warm soda bread baking in the oven, the stew (oh the stew!)  the large tables full of brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and the occasional neighbor from next door.  St. Patrick's day for us is simple, it's about family and food! 

That is the feeling we bring to St. Patrick's day today.  We appreciate that  nip of something nice helps the celebration (and we are all for that!),  but when you've grown all up you are looking for something a little more.    So leave the downtown rookies at the Irish pub with their green beer and celebrate Thoughtfully with us!  We are happy to share our St. Patrick's menu which is inspired by Nana O'Leary's kitchen!


St. Patrick's Day 

Elizabeth's Reuben Sandwich 14

Deliciously prepared slow cooked Corned Beef, Finger Lakes Farms Organic Sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and homemade Russian dressing on Orwasher’s rye bread, garnished with homemade potato chips.


100% Grass Fed Beef Guinness Irish Stew 23

100% grass fed Boneless Chuck Beef, Finger Lakes Farms Organic carrots, Organic fingerling potatoes, Guinness beer and Montepulciano D’Abruzzo wine. 

Hudson Valley Farms; Beef is a USDA inspected & Animal Welfare Approved facility located in Canaan, NY.  small family owned,


The O’Leary Family Corned Beef and Cabbage 22

Just like Nana O’Leary serves!  

With Finger Lakes Farms Organic cabbage, Organic carrots and Hudson Valley Farms red potatoes


Homemade Nana’s Irish soda bread 7

Made with Organic flour, Caraway Seeds, Raisins & Himalayan pink salt


Grass Fed Free Range Lamb Burger  16

Caramelized onion, feta, and ground with sun dried tomatoes.  Finger Lake Farms Ithaca NY



Jameson at the ready!

 Betty’s Irish Coffee

The O’Learys selection of their favorite Irish play list for your listening ears to enjoy on this O’cheery green day!


Thoughtful Happy Hours!  UWS Appreciation Months!


Thoughtful Happy Hours! UWS Appreciation Months!

Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table is thinking about YOU this winter.  We want to say thanks for being our neighbors and for all of the support and kind words over the year.  This restaurant is a passion for us, and we are thrilled to share it with you.

Throughout January, February, and March this year we are hosting a special new Happy Hour from 4-8pm at our bar Monday thru Thursday.  Great drink specials and our all new Bar menu offers every thoughtful aspect you have come to expect at Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table.  Grass fed, locally produced, cage free.  Everything comes straight from the farm to you!Additionally all bottled wine is 20% off throughout the entire restaurant all winter long. 

So lets warm up together.  Share stories of our days, and regroup with the people you care about most.  Our home is your home.  Our table is your table.  We hope to share it with you soon!!


Happy Valentines Day!


Happy Valentines Day!

It is with our pleasure that we invite you to indulge with us on Valentine's Day.   Celebrate your relationship and yourselves by dinning on one of our farm fresh creations.  Our special menu highlights our local vendors, organic ingredients and seasonal favorites.  We will sustain your body,  you take the time to sustain your togetherness!  Valentines day is only once a year so lets make this one special.  Call now at 212-280-6500 as limited reservations are still available!


Our Valentine’s Special’s


Organic Kale Salad 19

Finger Lakes Farms Organic kale salad, blood orange, Finger Lakes Farms grapefruit, homemade red pickle onions, domestic gorgonzola cheese & caramelized walnuts. Tossed in Elizabeth’s champagne dressing.


Blue Point Oysters & Jumbo Shrimp 25

Half dozen oysters, half dozen of Wild Caught Shrimp served with homemade cocktail sauce & mignonette vinegar sauce.

Gruyere Mushroom & Caramelized Onion Bites 12

Served over puff pastry dough.

Chesapeake Bay Maryland Pan Seared Scallops 15

Served with Organic honey glaze & avocado dijon sauce


Main Course

Surf and Turf - 100% Grass Fed Grilled Strip Loin, Wild Caught Shrimp 36

Served with garlic mashed potato, Organic grilled asparagus & balsamic red wine glaze.

Strip Loin: Nature Source Farm, (antibiotic and hormones free, 100% grass fed)

Pan Seared East Coast Halibut 32

Served over steamed Organic vegetables & lemon dill sauce.

Maine Lobster & Wild Caught Shrimp Fettuccini Pasta 30

Maine lobster meat and Wild caught shrimp (Gulf of Mexico) sautéed in a garlic cream sauce with shallots and parmesan cheese.

Veggie Fried Rice 20

Organic brown rice, green peas, corn, Finger Lakes Farms Organic rainbow carrots, red peppers, scallions, Free Range egg whites, soy sauce, garlic, onions , salt & pepper.


Home Made Elizabeth's Lovely Strawberry Cheesecake 10

Complimentary Sparkling Wine toast for couples!!





Here at Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table we wish you an amazing 2017!  The craziness of the holiday season is behind us and we are all now settling down into the dark cold of winter.  The last of the harvest has been picked, the root cellar is stocked, and the Garden and Farms have all been turned and put to bed.  And just like the garden our bodies slow down too, we are ready for a rest.  We naturally pack on a few extra pounds and find it harder to jump out of bed when the alarm rings.  Its hibernation time, time to cuddle up with loved ones, and enjoy the warmth of home cooking and happy hearths.  Its family time.

We feel the days getting longer each day.  We understand that the spring thaw will be shortly on the way, yet we are in no rush for spring.  We deeply cherish this time and all it has to offer. Winter sports, hot chocolate, runny noses, slow cooked meals, and family dinners all make winter time a very special time in the Neighborhood.

At Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table we honor and celebrate this slow down. We honor the foods of the season which miraculously are ready to be picked at just the right moment and yet also have the ability to be stored and eaten throughout the entire winter. We treasure the fact that we live on a planet  climate just happens to straddle the freezing point of water.  Snow and Sun. Water and ice. We get to experience it all, and experience it we will!

Sure this is 2016 and we could get just about anything from anywhere.  But here we honor our local farmers and our local traditions.  Our meals this season are hearty, they reflect whats found in the root cellar, and are designed around the fauna, fish, and fowl that are still locally available.  This is the season to be nurtured. Soups, stews, pot pies,  hearty meals, Let us nurture you!

So gather the family, huddle close,  enjoy each other, and have so much fun that the thought of pulling away to cook or do dishes is unfathomable.  Then  come over to Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table to warm up, and let us take care you and the people you love most.  Show how much you care by thoughtfully selecting Elizabeth's to nurture your family.  We are crafting everything with love and honor,  I think you will taste the difference!




Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table is all about Thoughtful American Comfort food.  We seek to nourish you in a casual warm and friendly atmosphere.  We want to care for you.  Elizabeth has done an amazing job of curating small farms and specialty vendors to give you confidence in our menu.  But she knew there was more we could do.

For years she has felt that our amazing front porch has more to offer than simply a space to dine.  A few summers back she brought the neighborhood a green market with incredible produce from our local farmers at Delucia farms.  Now not only could you taste the incredibly fresh and perfectly ripe produce at the restaurant, but we could help nourish you at home as well.  But she felt there was still more we can do.

After a long winter she imagined being able to nourish our guests minds and bodies as well as their bellies.  A conversation with Derric Harris (local Yogi and thoughtful guest of Elizabeth's) sparked an incredible idea.  So this year Elizabeth is offering some Front Porch Yoga!  Let’s use that beautiful porch to gather the neighborhood and invigorate ourselves and kick off a fabulous day!  We had another great turn out followed by a wonderful and thoughtful breakfast.

Elizabeth will continue to offer porch yoga routinely as weather permits.  We got super lucky at this morning session.  All levels welcome!!!  Bring a yoga mat or towel (we will have some extra if you don’t have).  This is a free offer to the neighborhood;however an optional pay as you can donation will be asked for to help cover our Yogi's time.

Let the yoga mat replace your plate on our porch.  Smiles, Stretching, and morning fresh air will be our specials on this morning.  Let's gather and celebrate ourselves!

Call for more info and to find out about our next day out on the porch!


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Welcome to Thanksgiving at Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table!  We have thoughtfully crafted a wonderful traditional meal for your family and friends.  Thanksgiving is all about family! So this year get out of the cooking and cleaning mode, and get into the Thankful celebration mode!  Let us make all the mess and clean it all up too!

     Our Turkeys  are Locally raised in Pennsylvania Amish country.  They are certified humane, antibiotic free, and vegetarian fed.  You can meet the Farmer by clicking HERE!  Our vegetables are sourced through Satur farms in LI and Fingerlake Farms upstate. Our seafood is line caught in local waters.  Our bar is thoughtfully stocked with fantastic wines, beers and spirits which are local, sustainable or organic.

      We have done all the work,  now its up to you to come and enjoy!  Limited seating is still available so call now to confirm your plans.  212-280-6500  

       We have so much to be thankful for!  Lets Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Pre-Fix Menu

 Full menu also available!

First course: select one

Roasted Finger Lakes Farms Butternut Squash Soup

Organic Baby Spinach Salad

Organic baby spinach , Hudson Valley Farms Bartle pears , dry cranberry, toasted pecans, pomegranate seeds, goat cheese crumble & Our homemade cranberry dressing.

Stuffed Baked Sweet Potato

Stuffed whit roasted Brussels sprouts, dry cranberries, Finger Lakes Farms red apples & goat cheese.

 DiPaola Turkey Farms Shepherd's Pie

DiPaola Ground Turkey, english peas, corn, carrots, celery, onions and garlic, covered with garlic mashed sweet potato and cheddar cheese.



2nd course: Select one


Plainville Farms White & Dark Meat Turkey

Boneless rolled up white & dark meat with pecan-cranberry stuffing.

Served with Finger Lakes Farms Organic sautéed string beans, fennel, roasted brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce & Elizabeth’s homemade turkey gravy.

Plainville Farms Turkeys. All natural raised on a vegetarian diet without animal by-products,

antibiotics or hormones and gluten and casein free.


Pan Seared Irish Organic Salmon

Served over sweet potato mash, roasted brussels sprouts homemade cranberry sauce.

Salmon sustainably-raised and independently certified, Low volume.


All-Natural DiPaola Farms, Turkey Lasagna

Homemade marinara sauce, ricotta cheese, organic baby spinach, mozzarella cheese.


Plainville Farms Turkey Breast

Served over sweet potato mash, organic string beans, homemade cranberry sauce & turkey gravy.

3rd course: Choose one


Elizabeth’s Home Made Pies



Apple Crumble


Served with Ronny Brook Vanilla Ice Cream



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Labor day has past,  the kids are now back to school (finally!), and as we are still packing away our summer whites Granny Smith reminds us that fall is just around the corner.  The summer corn and watermelon is waning and the apples, pumpkin, and flavors of fall begin to surround us.  At Elizabeth’s Neighborhood Table  we listen to world around us.  We see the first signs of fall in the trees, we hear the geese heading south overhead.  We get excited about the new season and what it has to offer.  That nip in the air that says chicken pot pie!  The blowing leaf pile that reminds us of hot buttered rum and cider after a hard day of fall clean up.   I can almost smell the apple pie from here.
 Think how lucky we are to live in a place that has four full seasons.  What curious twist of fate puts NYC in just the place where freezing temperatures turn the city white in winter, and yet still heats up the pavement and sends us to the beach in summer.  Our bodies have evolved alongside this cycle just as the orchid has evolved with the butterfly that propagates it.  Our bodies need the diversity of food that this cycle brings.  It is time to embrace this change of season and welcome it.  Put away those summer gin and tonics and rose wines, and dust off the dark scotch’s and deep cabernets for the new season.  Salads are so last season, lets talk soup!  Hearty proteins and big vegetables.  It’s time to start bulking up for the long cold winter with the bounty of fall harvest.   Elizabeth’s Neighborhood Table is just the place to dive right in.  Stop by and see what we have cooking.  I’m sure you will find that our Thoughtful American Comfort Food is the very thing you’ve been craving!  Hope to see you soon!
Thoughtfully Yours!