Here at Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table we wish you an amazing 2017!  The craziness of the holiday season is behind us and we are all now settling down into the dark cold of winter.  The last of the harvest has been picked, the root cellar is stocked, and the Garden and Farms have all been turned and put to bed.  And just like the garden our bodies slow down too, we are ready for a rest.  We naturally pack on a few extra pounds and find it harder to jump out of bed when the alarm rings.  Its hibernation time, time to cuddle up with loved ones, and enjoy the warmth of home cooking and happy hearths.  Its family time.

We feel the days getting longer each day.  We understand that the spring thaw will be shortly on the way, yet we are in no rush for spring.  We deeply cherish this time and all it has to offer. Winter sports, hot chocolate, runny noses, slow cooked meals, and family dinners all make winter time a very special time in the Neighborhood.

At Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table we honor and celebrate this slow down. We honor the foods of the season which miraculously are ready to be picked at just the right moment and yet also have the ability to be stored and eaten throughout the entire winter. We treasure the fact that we live on a planet  climate just happens to straddle the freezing point of water.  Snow and Sun. Water and ice. We get to experience it all, and experience it we will!

Sure this is 2016 and we could get just about anything from anywhere.  But here we honor our local farmers and our local traditions.  Our meals this season are hearty, they reflect whats found in the root cellar, and are designed around the fauna, fish, and fowl that are still locally available.  This is the season to be nurtured. Soups, stews, pot pies,  hearty meals, Let us nurture you!

So gather the family, huddle close,  enjoy each other, and have so much fun that the thought of pulling away to cook or do dishes is unfathomable.  Then  come over to Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table to warm up, and let us take care you and the people you love most.  Show how much you care by thoughtfully selecting Elizabeth's to nurture your family.  We are crafting everything with love and honor,  I think you will taste the difference!