Welcome to Thanksgiving at Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table!  We have thoughtfully crafted a wonderful traditional meal for your family and friends.  Thanksgiving is all about family! So this year get out of the cooking and cleaning mode, and get into the Thankful celebration mode!  Let us make all the mess and clean it all up too!

     Our Turkeys  are Locally raised in Pennsylvania Amish country.  They are certified humane, antibiotic free, and vegetarian fed.  You can meet the Farmer by clicking HERE!  Our vegetables are sourced through Satur farms in LI and Fingerlake Farms upstate. Our seafood is line caught in local waters.  Our bar is thoughtfully stocked with fantastic wines, beers and spirits which are local, sustainable or organic.

      We have done all the work,  now its up to you to come and enjoy!  Limited seating is still available so call now to confirm your plans.  212-280-6500  

       We have so much to be thankful for!  Lets Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Pre-Fix Menu

 Full menu also available!

First course: select one

Roasted Finger Lakes Farms Butternut Squash Soup

Organic Baby Spinach Salad

Organic baby spinach , Hudson Valley Farms Bartle pears , dry cranberry, toasted pecans, pomegranate seeds, goat cheese crumble & Our homemade cranberry dressing.

Stuffed Baked Sweet Potato

Stuffed whit roasted Brussels sprouts, dry cranberries, Finger Lakes Farms red apples & goat cheese.

 DiPaola Turkey Farms Shepherd's Pie

DiPaola Ground Turkey, english peas, corn, carrots, celery, onions and garlic, covered with garlic mashed sweet potato and cheddar cheese.



2nd course: Select one


Plainville Farms White & Dark Meat Turkey

Boneless rolled up white & dark meat with pecan-cranberry stuffing.

Served with Finger Lakes Farms Organic sautéed string beans, fennel, roasted brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce & Elizabeth’s homemade turkey gravy.

Plainville Farms Turkeys. All natural raised on a vegetarian diet without animal by-products,

antibiotics or hormones and gluten and casein free.


Pan Seared Irish Organic Salmon

Served over sweet potato mash, roasted brussels sprouts homemade cranberry sauce.

Salmon sustainably-raised and independently certified, Low volume.


All-Natural DiPaola Farms, Turkey Lasagna

Homemade marinara sauce, ricotta cheese, organic baby spinach, mozzarella cheese.


Plainville Farms Turkey Breast

Served over sweet potato mash, organic string beans, homemade cranberry sauce & turkey gravy.

3rd course: Choose one


Elizabeth’s Home Made Pies



Apple Crumble


Served with Ronny Brook Vanilla Ice Cream



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