Elizabeth’s Neighborhood Table prides itself on thoughtful food and thoughtful service!  What does that mean to us?  It means that every ingredient and product in the restaurant is thoughtfully chosen to reflect its most natural state.  From our happy free roaming chickens and our pasture raised grass fed beef,  to our single sourced dairy and milk products, to the soap we provide in the bathrooms, Elizabeth monitors everything we purchase.   Everything is as local as we can find, as organic or farm fresh as we can get, and gently and humanly handled as possible!

Our thoughtful servers do their very best to provide a unique dining experience where our guests are center stage!  We try to anticipate your needs, answer your questions,  and make thoughtful suggestions.   Elizabeth is usually available to welcome and make you feel at home!    We are all about being thoughtful in all we do.   We take care of each other and we are pretty sure you will notice a difference!  Come join us for lunch, weekend brunch, or dinner at 93rd and Columbus and discover our cute and unique Urban Farmhouse. You’re in for a special treat!