Welcome Spring! New beginnings abound!

Welcome Spring!

     Spring is the time of rebirth.  It’s when the snows melt, the crocus poke out, and the song birds return from their southern adventures.  Here at Elizabeth’s Neighborhood Table we are experiencing great change as well.  After a year of being under a construction shed, our Urban Farmhouse has finally emerged like a butterfly, taking its rightful place as an UWS landmark.  Finally our humble little home is on full view, and finally our porch and swing can take advantage of the great weather which is right around the corner.  Outdoor dining on the Upper West Side just got better!
    Our new menu also embraces this change of season.  Our winter stews and meats have moved to fish and fowl.  Our winter citrus migrates to spring shoots and leafy vegetables.  At the bar our dark and heavy spirits are refreshed with crisp and clean vodkas and gins. Our hot teas used to warm the soul are replaced with iced to cool us down on a hot day.  The spring chickens have come home to roost. There are lots of change afoot, our entire menu has been recrafted with wider price ranges in mind.
     We invite you this spring to come join us again as we celebrate rebirth and renew our commitment to the season.  Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table is the perfect place to come and escape your hectic world.  The Neighborhood has been coming in droves. Come see what you have been missing!