A Thoughtful Summer at Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table!

Its finally Summer and we at Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table are embracing it with open arms! The fireflies have invaded central park,  our longest days of the year are behind us, and all the structure of the school year has ended.   Now finally we can think about some time for us!  Long evenings at the beach, early morning water skiing on a fog covered lake,  picnics in the park, sunsets over the river or bay, long visits with out of state family, stay-cation; there is so much to look forward to and experience!  

Here at Elizabeth's this time of year we are amazed at the wonder of our local farms.  The spring shoots have turned to hearty vegetables, and the spring flowers are now healthy fruits and berries.  The livestock are all at their largest and healthiest. Our local supply farms are now in full operation with all the people and gears turning to bring us such an amazing bounty.  Elizabeth herself is thoughtfully talking with our farmers and working with our Chef to select the freshest and ripest produce available to include in our new summer menu.   New this summer we fully embracing the change of seasons with a whole new menu.  Changing often it will feature the freshest and most local ingredients available.

At Elizabeth's you can trust that your food has been thoughtfully selected.  While you will find many certified Organic products among our ingredients, it is not the only criteria.  We look specifically for small local farms with healthy production. Perhaps they aren't large enough to afford organic certification, or perhaps the rules keep them from certification because they are too close to their neighbors.  Whatever the situation Elizabeth has explored it and chooses only the most wholesome farms for her menu.   Finger Lake Farms, Satur Farms, and DeLucia Farms are all steady suppliers, among many others.  That's what "Thoughtful American Comfort Food" means to us. Every single ingredient has been thoughtfully considered for your health and enjoyment.

So let's get out there this summer and experience it all!  Let's take the time right now to do something special and make a memory.  And when you come home to the Upper West Side treat yourself to something special.  Something carefully considered just for you!  Let's live, breath and eat summer!   Let's get all of it and share our stories here at Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table!