Its our turn to take care of Mom!

Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table was made for Mothers Day!  The whole concept of honoring our mother, and honoring our mother earth, fit in perfectly with our Thoughtful Philosophies of Food and Service!  Mom is always there for us and now its time for us to take care of her!

From the very beginning she nourished us, and now it's our turn to surprise and delight her!  

Elizabeth's Neighborhood Table is working hard to make brunch and dinner extra special with a Thoughtful menu selection and special offerings. Please take a look and book your table before we fill up!

 Don't wait to the last minute to make your plans.  Available reservations will fill up quickly!


Mother’s Day Special’s


   Organic Kale Salad  17

Finger Lakes Farms grilled asparagus, finger Lakes Farms fresh strawberries, Homemade granola, raw red onions, fresh avocado, feta cheese crumble & tossed in Elizabeth's champagne dressing.   


Grilled Asparagus over Orwasher’s Seeded Toast 13

Orwasher’s seeded toast, with fresh ricotta cheese & scallion spread and Grilled Finger Lakes Farms Organic asparagus. 

Main Courses

Pan Seared 100% Grass-Fed Rib eye Steak   32

Served with Finger Lakes Farms Organic roasted asparagus, scalloped potato & homemade Elizabeth's Steak sauce  

Rib eye:  From Hudson Valley Farms. 100% grass feed, no corn finish, no antibiotics or appetite stimulants used. 

Honey Orange Glazed Pan Seared Organic Salmon   29

Served with Finger Lakes Farms Organic grilled asparagus & garlic mashed potato.

Salmon: sustainably-raised and independently certified, Low volume.

Pan Seared Plainville Farms Turkey Breast   27

Served over sweet potato mashed, Finger Lakes Farms steamed asparagus & turkey gravy.

Plainville Farms Turkeys. All natural raised on a vegetarian diet without animal by-products, antibiotics or hormones and gluten & casein free.

Elizabeth's Grilled Vegetable Layers   22

Finger Lakes farms roasted carrots, grilled portobello mushrooms, tofu, eggplant, red pepper, grilled asparagus and yellow & green squash. Served with Organic green rice.  

Betty’s Chicken Marsala over Fresh Fettuccini Pasta   26

Free-bird chicken breast, fresh bottom mushrooms, marsala wine sauce.          


Homemade Strawberry Short Cake 10

Finger Lakes Farms Local strawberries & Homemade whipped cream.

Mama Homemade Upside Down cake & Ronny Brook Vanilla Ice Cream   11