We might have closed our doors, but the kitchen is still open! Come see how your favorite Brunch is alive and well at Gabriela's!

Thank you Upper West Side, for an amazing 7 years.  We loved serving you our Thoughtful American Comfort Food and truly appreciate how you adopted us as your Neighborhood Table. Unfortunately, a combination of market conditions has forced us to close the doors on our little urban farmhouse.   While we had amazing brunch business and a solid lunch, our dinner service (while steady) never brought in the bustling crowds that are needed to survive in NYC. 

While we are heartbroken, we have no regrets.  We worked our buts off to provide an amazing experience that mirrors the way we eat at home.  Whole foods, organic sources, and knowing the farmer are all important to us as a family.  Our menu of simply cooked entrees, that highlight the amazing ingredients we sourced, was a great pride to us.  We enjoyed spending summer vacations with the kids, visiting the upstate farms and sharing them with you back here in the neighborhood.  We could have cut corners or skimped, but that’s just not us.  Every decision was made with you our guest in mind.  We are very proud of all we were able to accomplish and the amazing neighborhood following we generated.  Sadly, in the end there just weren’t enough of you.

But Fret not!   We couldn’t just let our amazing brunch and lunch business just slip away.  Fortunately our neighbor and sister restaurant Gabriela’s has stepped up to help us!  Gabriela’s Brunch has always been steady, but never as busy as what came to Elizabeth’s.  So in order to make the best use of our resources we have moved Elizabeth’s menu, staff, and even Elizabeth herself up over the fence!   Every day Elizabeth’s lunch menu will be available at Gabriela’s and on the weekends Elizabeth’s Brunch will rule the day!   Now the best of both worlds is at one table, our new two-sided menu will feature both cuisines!  We know that you secretly always wanted a frozen margarita with your eggs benny….  Now it can happen!  We also hope to continue with delivery service of Betty’s Burger bar throughout the eve.  Our famous Barn House Burger and Veggie Burger will live on!

As we look to the future we are very excited about keeping the best parts of Elizabeth’s Neighborhood Table going until we can find a more suitable location.  Please come by and see us this weekend.  We can't wait to share with you!

Thoughfully yours,

Elizabeth Milner